Project description:
This was a project for our basic interaction design class where we designed a mobile application for teenagers to locate the latest events and friends at public places.

We designed a persona of a teenage babysitter who had recently moved to a new town and wanted to fit into her new group of friends and read articles on the needs of mobile application designs within given constraints. Given the time constraint of two weeks, our professors Jodi Forlizzi and Eric Paulos had asked us to depend on our personna and not any brick and mortar studies for our user research. We created a prototype and demo in flash and presented it to the class.

Based on the needs identified for our persona we designed the application ‘Wazzup?’. It located friends within specified radius, found out the public and private current events and allowed users to create or accept invitations, send customized messages and view directions to the place.

Application Map
Low Fi Wireframes