Project Portfolio Management


To create powerful project management and task collaboration tools which enable seamless collaboration between project managers and team members and assist them in focusing on their individual work.

My Role:

  • Lead UX representative for Project Portfolio Management product in Fusion Applications
  • Worked closely with the product and strategy teams to understand business requirements, create and release solutions, address early adopter bugs
  • Played a key role from concept to completion for the Task Management solution
  • Domain expert for creating the Project Mapper tool for project management
  • Educated the product team about FUSE, a new UX initiative for mobile first designs and helped them transition from data centric to goal centric designs
  • Wrote user stories for a development team following Agile processes to have the solution implemented
  • Collaborated with usability engineers to conduct multiple site visits, usability tests and analyze feedback

Reduced information overload for team members and casual project managers through minimalistic designs
Tablet friendly user interfaces
Project Management Cloud



Most employees have to report their progress to their project managers and other people who are dependent on their work. Sometimes they have to ask for extensions or more resources to finish the work. Research had shown that project managers often had to follow up with employees regarding their progress and then compile the responses to understand the state of the project. The other way this information was collected by organizations was by forcing employees to use full fledged project management applications simply to report their progress. The challenge of this project was to create an employee centric solution which would add value to their own work goals and also help them easily communicate progress to their managers.


The solution we came up with was a task management application which acted as a data feed into a project management application. This application allowed team members to work on the tasks assigned to them, create tasks for themselves and others, collaborate and monitor progress on tasks they cared about, and update their own progress. This solution was well received in user and customer feedback sessions. Task management application made it simple for employees to update their progress, saved them from multiple progress related meetings and empowered them to concentrate on their work. Project managers would then be able to see the updates and manage projects in either the project management application for power users or the more generic project mapper tool for occasional project managers.

Project Highlights:

Task Management Solution
Evolution of task management solution from concept to implementation. I was the lead designer for the project and played a key role in defining the product’s vision and achieving it.

Task Management

Workshop for mobile first designs
Lead a workshop to educate product managers about the differences between desktop oriented classic designs and mobile first design approaches. Helped them prioritize their flows for FUSE, a UX initiative for creating mobile first designs for ERP solutions.

Mobile First Workshop

FUSE Design Solutions

Transitioned the task management solution into the new FUSE UI shell. The information architecture was optimized for the 20% use cases which users do 80% of the time. This resulted in a much simplified version of the solution.

The Tasks page displays a list of all tasks a team member is currently working on. Users view and update progress and create new tasks from here.

Task Management

Create task pop up enables team members to create tasks for themselves and colleagues. They can also associate these tasks with projects for the project manager to integrate them in the project plan. This is a key feature for collaborative project planning.

Create Task

The edit task page lets users work on the tasks assigned to them and which they are collaborating on.

Edit Task

Product testing and Implementation
This solution was tested thrice and refined based on user feedback. I worked closely with the usability engineer to write the test scripts and modify designs to match user’s expectations.

Wrote user stories for the development team to support Agile development process.