To create a one stop shop for business suite users to see everything they needed to be aware of across all product applications and enable them to act within context.

My Work:

  • Product and design lead for the notifications project
  • Ran a working group with key stakeholders to identify requirements and progress towards a core solution which supported all products in our ERP suite
  • Conducted workshop to help product managers with minimal UX background simplify their pages using the new template
  • Worked with Usability Engineer to test the designs with 20+ users across three different tests and refined the designs based on user feedback
  • Collaborated with UX architect and three development teams to achieve the design vision despite the complicated underlying architecture
  • Worked with main development team to prioritize and divide the design features across releases
  • Worked with extensibility lead to communicate the project’s extensibility requirements


Different products applications were using their own mechanism for alerting their end users about anything they needed to be aware of such as an expense report which had to be approved, a task which was past due, etc. The goal of this project was to create a manageable one stop shop for our application users to see anything that they needed to be aware of and enable them to act within context. The biggest challenge of this project was to create a lightweight UI which is generic and flexible enough to support multiple product domains and optimize it for heavy and casual users. This involved collaborating with six different product families, three technical teams and other UX stakeholders.

The new design consists of a unified list which supports all types of notifications and notifications content page. The list supports powerful features such as quick actions, search, filters, auto management, personalization and is yet boasts of a minimalist design. A new template for the notifications content page enables stakeholders to convert their data heavy notifications content into more mobile friendly lightweight details. The solution has been designed in a way that most of the design can be reused in the solution for a mobile device.

Project Highlights:

Requirement gathering, Market Research, Objective Definition:
This was a cross product family project and so did not have any single owner. I was the product as well as the design lead of the project. Worked with UX higher management, architect and product family representatives to understand the existing solution, use cases, target users and requirements. Studied patterns in the market to be consistent with the mental models users are developing by using other applications. Identified breakdowns and led the team to define clear design objectives.
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Proposed and validated several design concepts and gathered stakeholder feedback to come up with the first iteration.


User Testing and Design Iteration
Worked with our usability engineer to test the first design iteration. Prioritized the grey areas which needed testing and provided the data I was missing to make informed design decisions.
Incorporated user feedback and collaborated with senior UX management to come up with a revised design iteration.


Design Workshop for Page Content
Collaborated with stakeholders from product families to create a page template to convert their existing notifications pages such that they would fit in the new designs, become mobile friendly and modern. Hosted a design workshop to equip product managers with the skills and knowledge needed to convert their content.


Collaboration with Front-end and Software development teams:
Created a spec document and collaborated with a front end developer to create a functional proof of concept. In parallel, worked with the back end development and architecture teams to identify implementation challenges and created incremental designs across releases.

Final Design:
The list enables users to quickly see notifications across different products. Users can act on the notification directly from the list. This view is auto managed for the users and only keeps the notifications which they care about on the list.

Final List

The expanded view provides additional functionality such as searching, filtering if they choose to work through all their notifications at once. Users can also access old notifications from this view.

Expanded View

Quick filters in the expanded view provides a mobile friendly way for users to filter their list and work through it. This feature was very well received in user tests.

Quick Filter