Project description:
The Mayo Clinic and Continuum sponsored this service design project, which challenged us to develop new ideas for an advanced medical home. Our team Sync designed a system to ensure quick, personalized and continuous treatment for the patients under the guidance of our professor Shelley Evenson.

The main challenge of this project was that the users were located in a different state and we had to conduct our research remotely. We created a territory map to understand our problem domain and set focus. We created a service blueprint to gain an understanding of the different levels of service being offered in the Mayo clinic. We set our focus as ‘Restucturing primary care systems to reduce repeated steps both within and between visits and better utilize time for patients and staff alike’. We used comparative analysis and fun and short research cards to collect user data remotely and find the points of pain. We implemented bodystorming, journey maps, story boarding to detail out our concept. We presented our design to our clients in the form of a video sketch which was appreciated by all.

Our system consisted of two main phases. First part was an application where the patient and doctors could communicate online using medBook. The doctor could diagnose the problem using web technologies, start the treatment and send prescriptions. It is an online status update system and not a chat system to respect the users’ need of time flexibility. Second part was when the patient actually visited the medical home. The receptionist could get the patients information as soon as he approached her desk because of RFID chip installed in the patient’s medCard. The medCard helped track the patients information and diagnosis wherever he went. The medScreens were interactive screens using which the patient could make the optimum use of his time in the hospital and would always keep the patient continuously apprised of the happenings of the hospital.

Comparative Analysis
Territory Map
Design Process
Journey Map Storyboards