Project description:
Carestream health, a Kodak based company supplies picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) to hospitals. Currently, these systems cater mainly to the needs of radiologists. However, they are also used in the ICU. Carestream health had approached our team to specialize the PACS for the specific requirements of the ICU. This was my Capstone project.

As a planning lead, I introduced our clients to the stream of human computer interaction and explained the techniques we would use to help them achieve their goal. We set our focus as ‘Creating a system for ICU clinicians that improves their interactions with patient images in the ICU environment’ by drawing an affinity diagram with the clients. We completed the user research phase of this project in Spring semester. We used methods like literature reviews, heuristic evaluation, phone interviews and contextual modeling during this phase. This helped us identify our design directions.
We implemented methods like grounded brainstorming, visioning, low fidelity prototyping, high fidelity prototyping and concept validation throughout the summer semester to create our final design.

We redesigned the existing PACS interface and made it flexible yet uncluttered and intuitive. The interface will enable quick access to the functionalities which are required in the ICU. We made all the different applications used in the ICU available through PACS. Thus, now PACS will be more decision oriented than procedure oriented.
I can not reveal more details here due to a Non Disclosure Agreement signed with my clients. However, I will be glad to discuss this project in person.

Carestream Users
Affinity Diagram And Consolidation
Research Findings
Concept Sketches
Guerilla Validations
Generative Wireframes