About Me

Hi! Good to see you here! I am, Priyanka, a Senior Product Designer at VMware. Prior to this I was a Senior Interaction Designer at Oracle. I have a Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.
I enjoy taking up new challenges, solving complex problems and reaching out to people. I was looking for a profession which would let me apply my creativity, logic and background in Information Technology to create something which will directly impact the lives of the people. What could be a better than HCI for that! Ever since, I have not once felt that I should have chosen differently.

Over my seven years of being in the field, I have worked on a broad range of projects ranging from designs for ERP applications, service design for medical industry to consumer applications. I believe I can enable people to relate to a good product by creating the right experience for them by understanding their requirements and translating them into my designs for the product. However, in today’s industry just knowing to design well is not enough. While working at Oracle, I have gained the experience of working closely with cross functional teams such as various product management, front end development, engineering,etc and evangelizing UX through my interactions. I am a strong believer of user testing and derive my job satisfaction by seeing that users can complete their tasks more efficiently through my designs. I believe my diligence and passion to excel are my strongest assets and enable me to be successful in the challenges I take up.

When I am not working or critiquing any designs in day to day lives, I am dancing, cooking or reading. Dancing is a passion I have nurtured since childhood. Even at Oracle, I have been an active member of a bollywood dance show that is hosted yearly. I like experimenting with food and trying out new recipes. Apart from following the latest design trends, I enjoyed reading fictions but recently biographies and cultural books. I enjoy going out on hikes, traveling, meeting friends and trying out new experiences. My friends and colleagues find me easy to talk to and reliable.

I enjoy brainstorming and discussing ideas.I am always looking to connect with people who share the same passion and love for design and would be happy to hear from you at shetyepriyanka AT gmail.com.